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5 May 2004

In May of 1985, straight out of school, my burning ambition was to join the Royal Airforce in the trade of Air Traffic Control but on the day of my tests and interview the trade and the waiting list for it were closed. Not to be disheartened I started working for a temporary agency while I waited, who sent me to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd on a 3 month assignment helping out in the Engineering Department. That was it, I was hooked, planes were out, cars were in. My "temporary" position turned into 9 years as a salaried employee and for the most part they were great fun. I mean, how many people actually get to really enjoy what they're doing? To be around luxurious, powerful, hand built vehicles that only the rich and famous could afford every day of your working life was a huge buzz. To be able to drive these cars and have them for the whole weekend because someone needed durability mileage putting on a new component they were testing was an incredible perk!

It was into this environment in January 1987 that Andrew entered after a few years in Petrol Engine Development for Rover Group in Birmingham. His interest in cars had been fired quite a number of years earlier. I remember he turned up for work in a really pretty, sexy looking little red sports car with a straight six engine and a wonderful exhaust note; this turned out to be a 1972 Mark III Triumph GT6.

Down the road in late 1989 we started looking around for a cheap, easy to maintain sports car that I could drive. I'd always loved Spitfires but Andrew didn't want another Triumph to work on (he'd previously owned a Herald convertible too), my next choice was a Lotus Elan but they were way too expensive as were the E-Type Jags I'd seen at a few car shows. Then Andrew came home one day with a book all about a little known mark that he'd heard of that seemed to fit our needs. That book was "The Ginetta G15" by John Rose and I was quickly won over by its good looks, ease of maintenance and relative affordability. So in November of that year we purchased a 1972 dark blue Mark IV G15 for the princely sum of 2200 pounds from a man who was immigrating to Australia. Over the coming winter Andrew restored the car to a very good "used" condition with our contacts at Astons coming to the fore on more than one occasion! We tried to keep her as original as possible. From the rear people thought she looked like a Lotus Elan and my Mum was reminded of an E-Type from the front so maybe I had my dream car after all!

We only ever had one major incident with her and that's a story all in itself, click HERE to read it. The photos below of our cars are click-able if you want a larger view. The red car is a 1972 Triumph GT6 MK III, the blue car is our 1972 Ginetta G15 and the gold convertible was Andrews first sports car which he sold to buy the GT6, it's a 1970 Triumph Herald.

Since December of 2002 both the Ginetta and the GT6 have been with us here in Michigan, after we shipped the rest of our belongings over from The UK.  For an update since then, have a look HERE.  I also had a couple of articles printed in the Ginetta Owners Club Magazine, they're included here too, along with quite a few photos!